Odunsi Makes Comeback With New EP, “Denim”

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Odunsi the Engine returns with his new EP, Denim, after a two-year hiatus in project releases. Odunsi’s mastery of the alternative sound is on full display in the four-track EP, which also features just one other artist, 2AAB. It also serves as a demonstration of how he is the “representative of the newer generations of young Africans.”

Odunsi’s debut album, Rare, which was released in 2018 and featured big hits like Star Signs with Runtown and Altè Cruise, cemented his status as a legend in the alternative music scene before this point. It’s practically impossible to leave the musical talent out of Nigeria’s altè movement given his unusual tendency for creating unique tracks.

Odunsi’s EP is so original and energizing, and in the EP’s first track, N2P, he doesn’t hold back in letting us into his state of mind. N2P, which we think stands for Nothing To Prove, shows the artist’s egotistical side as he asserts that he has nothing to prove, perhaps to us and others who doubt his ability to maintain his independence as an artist; it serves as a confirmation to us that he is still very much active in the music industry. In addition to the song’s words speaking for him, the beat itself exudes a fearless vigor.

Odunsi uses the second song, Drama, to showcase his producing abilities using the mild violin strings. This song is an intermission, and he doesn’t say anything. If you weren’t paying attention, you might merge the twenty-three second track into the third song, Drama Queen. Consider Drama to be nothing more than a dramatic melody, or not.

You find it amazing how smoothly Drama Queen transitions from Drama. You ought to now be able to understand what Drama is all about. Odunsi explores a range of topics in the song Drama Queen, from his opulent lifestyle to the challenges of being a public figure. The upbeat cadence of the song and the incorporation of the violin strings from the preceding track are what make it beautiful.

On WTF! (Euphoria), Odunsi collaborates with 2AAB. For the majority of the song, Odunsi chants “WTF” continuously while sharing stories about how far he has gone. 2AAB performs an ecstatic rendition of the song. The song gets the precise euphoric feeling it needs because of how well the energy of both performers meshes and they meet at a fire for fire level. Perhaps the reason for the song’s title is that it has a generally upbeat atmosphere.

Given that Odunsi the Engine contributed his best producing skills to the project, it is astounding that the EP is only 7 minutes long; I wanted to hear more of his refreshing sound. In the EP, he sounds somewhat like Cruel Santino although there are differences. “Short and straight to the point, no wasted flows,” is how I would describe Odunsi’s latest EP.

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