Shatta Wale Joins Mista Myles On “Body” Remix

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Mista Myles Drops Highly Anticipated Remix of “Body” Featuring Renowned Artist Shatta Wale

Mista Myles, the rising star in the Afrobeats scene, has released an electrifying remix of his hit single “Body,” featuring none other than Ghana’s topmost artist, Shatta Wale. The excitement surrounding this collaboration comes after the two talented artists were spotted together in the studio, igniting anticipation among fans and music enthusiasts alike.

“Body” has already proven to be a testament to Mista Myles’ exceptional songwriting skills, evident in his past releases. The original track eloquently explores the theme of love, centered around the physical beauty of his love interest. Melodically gliding over the Iyke Parker production, Mista Myles exudes confidence and tenderness, capturing the essence of intimacy and vulnerability that accompanies being close to someone special.

In Mista Myles’ own words, “Expressing love through intimacy is the purest form of love known to man. You can tell how much someone loves and respects you from how they touch you. ‘Body’ is a song I wrote to express that very feeling.”

The addition of Shatta Wale, with his unparalleled artistry and signature style, adds some flavor to ‘Body’s remix. It’s exactly as you’d expect: a mesmerizing musical performance from the two artists, taking the remix to new heights.

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