Love, Damini — A World of Burna Boy’s Brawls, Emotions and Wins.

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Burna boy stays remaining the African Giant of Music in Nigeria and beyond. Over the years, he has released impeccable projects and his 6th album being “Love, Damini” will not be an exception. 

“Love, Damini” is a nineteen tracked project with features from top acts spread across the globe— features from UK, US, Jamaica, South Africa and even Nigeria. 

His recent album is packed with songs that bears high relatability, vulnerability and of course, addresses societal ills. Burna boy has been able to cut through to the minds of his listening audience with strategic features— with singing of love featuring lover boy, Ed Sheeran in For My Hand, singing of dreams and aspirations featuring Khalid in Wild Dreamsand singing of a woman’s appearances featuring Victony in Different Size which sounds like a club banger, African Giant really had us in mind while singing and pouring his heart out in the studio coupled with strategic moves from him and his team in selecting what suits each tracks (particularly features). 

“Love, Damini” can be said to be alike to his past two albums over the years— African Giant and Twice as Tall  as he touches the deepest of feelings, he also does not lose touch of the message he passes across in every of his projects using Whiskey to push his concern for his people. 

Dissecting his albums and placing them into main themes, we can conclude that this project is one that portrays his personality, that portrays what embodies him. . With Love, Damini talking about his flaws and mishaps, to Common Person ideally yearning out for lesser competition amongst his peers and seeing humans as they should be seen. 

Cloak & Dagger sounds like a dangerous tune where he features UK grime rapper, J Hus. The battle of who-bodies-who begins when J Hus blows hot and Burna Boy in his element, drops more fire. It’s unarguably the best track and most loved, for now. 

He features J Balvin, a Latin singer in Rollercoaster and despite the confusion with what the Latin artist says, the song is enjoyable. 

Something about Burna Boy in every song he features an artist on, he shines through the magic of his partners as we see in his feature projects— with all the energy oozing from his features, Burna Boy managed to print his magic on the tracks and in the minds of listeners. 

Burna boy features Ladysmith Black Mambazo in Glory. The South African goddess chants and Burna Boy’s macho voice preps you ahead for the rest of the listen. You’re still not prepped enough because then you listen to Science and you are skyrocketed into an entirely different space. 

How Bad Could It Be borders on consolation, he uses snippets of figures like Jorja Smith and Kamaru Usman to push the message in the song. It is as plain as the nose what he implies using these voices and what he means in his lyrics. 

Manipulation of his love, exorbitance of his younger self and of course, wrong doings in his hometown is reflected in Last Last, a single he dropped before the album alongside Kilometer. The single which has gathered high number of streams on digital service platforms seems like a track inspired by his broken relationship with ‘we-know-who’. 

“Love, Damini” is right for every kind of mood. Trying to feel good ? Trying to express your emotions ? Trying to feel groovy ? The album is smeared with the right track for the right mood. 

To call the album a perfect 10/10 is exaggeration as some songs on the album have about thirty percent replay value despite it having massive replay values. There also lies in the album tracks that waver and are watery in sound. 

We sight yet again Burna Boy striking another Grammy nomination with this album. No album is ever perfect, but imperfections can be made up with standards and a reasonable amount of delivery. Burna snapped on “Love, Damini” and now we wait to see the wonders of this album.

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