Lojay’s “Gangster Romantic” – A Review of the EP

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The recently released EP by Lojay, Gangster Romantic, has a gangster vibe; he maintains his tough guy persona even when singing about love and romance. 

The EP, you could say, provides you a hint as to Lojay’s character; he won’t falter even in the face of fragility.

It’s crucial to fully appreciate this EP without putting his debut EP, LV N ATTN, on the side because doing so will make it hard to grasp Gangster Romantic and lead you to draw the false conclusion that the debut is superior to the sophomore, which, despite being a difficult conclusion to make, is the truth.

On this EP, Lojay uses his melodies to wind through and weigh light out of heavy with his spiraling, distinct, and rapacious flow. With his raucous tones, he serenades strong expression and sweeps you off.

He has shown that his musicality is not constrained and that he can deliver by diversifying his skills, thus his sense of timing with the beat is far from fickle. Since his entry into the Nigerian music scene, one thing has been glaringly obvious: his music’s unadulterated qualities.

Even on features, drowning Lojay is an unrealistic and fruitless attempt because of the vocalist’s lingering effect and seductive falsetto, which is astute and unique to this artist.

He takes the waves of his lustful approach to Gangster Romantic, seasoning it with love—yet another admirable quality of Lojay. His sultry lines are blunt, unvarnished, visceral, and yet allusive. Although his songs make you grimace, you agree that the singer is “bad boy LJ” nonetheless.

In Gangster Romantic, Lojay switches between several genres, including Afrobeats, R&B, and the well-known amapiano, and he never fails to deliver when he hops on them.

The artist will croon about love while also giving the song a jittery vibe; he’ll have you moving about the room as you take in a song that touches on emotions and vulnerability while also hinting at intimate activity.

His effort at these multi-aura skills is demonstrated in Avalibu, as he switches between many different perspectives and you, the listener, yield to the strong feeling of lobbing yourself into the track’s euphoric energy.

With no mixed energy or varied perspective, Lojay does well enough to give us a glimpse of his true emotional side—one that has a pleasant tinge of watery feelings—in a slow, somber track. In the song Ova, where you can tell the singer is conceding, he just bares it all. The bad boy Lojay we see here sings without his usual alluring charm and rawness; he is simply a talented artist with a wide range of emotions.

With the Gangster Romantic EP, you realize that despite continuously being on the wrong side of love, Lojay still allows melted emotions to accumulate in his heart through his lyrics and the connotations of the seven-track EP.

Gangster Romantic’s murky reality is that it takes time to fully appreciate the artist’s work. Even while it is a meticulously crafted EP filled with melodies and rhythmic flows, the project is not one that will make you fall in love at first listen, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

It’s possible that Lojay won’t be able to replicate the success of his debut, LV N ATTN, with his new EP, but it’s undeniable that his varied musicality has a strong, stable, and alluring position. A solid 8 out of 10 is given to Gangster Romantic for its wide-ranging genre exploration, musical prowess, swerving voices, and perspective-taking pov. His performance on these criteria never leaves you disappointed.

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