Korede Bello Unveils ‘Beauty And Bliss’: A Sonic Journey Of Innovation And Emotion

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Korede Bello unveils his latest musical creation, ‘Beauty and Bliss.’ Building upon the success of his debut album ‘Belloved’ and sophomore project ‘Table For Two,’ Bello embarks on a new journey of musical exploration and expression.

As his third body of work, ‘Beauty and Bliss’ showcases not only his maturity as an artist but also his unwavering commitment to pushing his artistry.

The EP makes its entrance with the well-received song ‘Maria,’ an enticing fusion of catchy tunes and captivating choruses that has garnered widespread attention on the radio waves.

However, beyond the immediate catchiness, ‘Beauty and Bliss’ offers a more profound musical experience. From the soulful and romantic ballad ‘Complete’ to the collaborative dynamics of ‘Jejely’ with Mr Eazi and the enthralling synergy with Yemi Alade in ‘For Me,’ Korede Bello’s artistry reveals itself through compelling narratives and rich sonic textures.

‘Beauty and Bliss’ doesn’t merely rest on past laurels. It signifies Korede Bello’s advancement as a musician, clearly demonstrated by his skill in crafting exciting stories and exploring diverse musical components. The EP stands as proof of his artistic development, offering listeners a rich array of emotions and narratives that strike a profound chord.

“This project is a reflection of my growth as an artist and a celebration of the beauty and bliss that music brings into our lives. I poured my heart and soul into each track, and I can’t wait for my fans to experience Beauty and Bliss on every track.” – Korede Bello shares his excitement.

In the context of the Afrobeat genre, ‘Beauty and Bliss’ does more than just entertain—it contributes to the ongoing evolution of the genre.

Korede Bello’s willingness to explore new sonic territories and collaborate with diverse producers such as including Ozedikus, Altims, Timmy, Big Foot In Your Face, Semzy, Drey, and Jaysynths, showcasing his evolution while remaining true to his unique sound.

The EP is now available on all digital platforms, We invite you to press play and embark on a musical journey that captures both the grace and euphoria inherent in Korede Bello’s evolving creativity.


  1. YOGA (Produced by Altims & Ozedikus)
  2. WAITING (Produced by Timmy)
  3. FULL TIME (Produced by Ozedikus)
  4. FOR ME Ft. Yemi Alade (Produced by BigFootInYourFace)
  5. MARIA (Produced by Altims and Drey)
  6. JEJELY Ft. Mr Eazi. (Produced by Semzi)
  7. WAY LIFE GOES (Produced by Drey)
  8. COMPLETE (Produced by JaySynths)

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