Kojo Efson blends Afrobeats and House rhythms on new EP ”Afrodisiac”

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Kojo Efson unveils his highly-anticipated EP, ”Afrodisiac”, a captivating collection of love songs that seamlessly blend traditional Afrobeat, House rhythms and modern production techniques. The EP, produced by industry heavyweights Ramoon Beat, Calliemajik, iPappi and Jaemally Beatz, showcases Efson’s exceptional talent as an artist and his ability to create a unique sound that is both fresh and familiar.

Featuring three songs and an intro, ”Afrodisiac” is a reflection of Efson’s personal experiences and emotions, making the tracks relatable and meaningful to listeners. The intro, ‘Funny Valentine’ featuring Tessa Voicer, sets the tone for the EP, introducing the listener to the theme of love that runs through the entire project before launching into the first track, ‘Shabba Rhythm’. Produced by Calliemajik, the song showcases Kojo’s penmanship with his witty lines and finesse taking center stage, backed up with an infectious chorus.

The next song, ‘Come Closer’, features the talented rapper, Khalifina and has an interpolation of Kevin Lyttle’s hit ‘Turn Me On’. The song, produced by iPappi, is a perfect blend of old and new, with the classic rhythm of Lyttle’s hit and Kojo’s modern interpretation. The lyrics, ”Come close to me, baby, let me show you something”, perfectly capture the sentiment of the song.

The EP concludes with ‘Falling’, a compelling House rhythm produced by Jaemally Beatz. The song showcases Kojo Efson’s ability to create a romantic atmosphere with his smooth ‘street’ vocals reminiscent of the gangsta love Hip-Hop era, which is perfectly complimented by the mellow beat.

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