Kimilist Addresses The All-Consuming Nature of New Love On “Confession”

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Talented singer/rapper under MimLife Records, Kimilist, has returned with his newest single, “Confession”: a smooth danceable fusion that captures the overpowering nature of newfound love interests. 

In “Confession,” Kimilist doesn’t hold back. He delves into the near-obsessive tendencies that often accompany a fresh romance. From double-tapping her photos on social media to wanting to hear nothing but her voice, Kimilist takes his listeners through the whirlwind of exciting emotions that come with encountering someone new and special.

With lyrics that describe her kisses as nourishing, he openly admits to being obsessed, even urging her to slow down because her many admirable qualities are almost too much to handle.

Kimilist’s style is a unique blend of laid back melodic rap and melodious hooks. This versatility allows him to seamlessly switch flows while producing captivating and entertaining tracks. 

As part of MimLife Records, Kimilist has continued to make a significant impact in the Ghanaian music scene, pushing boundaries and winning over fans with his captivating style alongside his label mates, Kwame Yesu and Mista Myles.

“Confession” is a relatable portrayal of the frenzy of emotions in a budding love story, and it’s sure to resonate with anyone who’s ever experienced these emotions.

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