Kiki Celine Relives Old Love in New Song “Old Love”

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Love being the greatest emotion has never been an overstatement. However, when talking about what it means to love and be loved, we often forget that sometimes the way someone loves us can change. When that happens, we are left with nothing but the memories of how we were loved by that person.

On her first single of the year 2024, Ghanaian singer KiKi Celine continues her beautiful run from 2023 as she pours out her heart and emotions on her new song titled “Old Love.”

The song cements Celine’s position as one of the best vocalists around and puts her songwriting abilities on full display. The song is reminiscent of early 2000s R&B classics we grew up on, with KiKi Celine’s bounce. Produced by Insvne Auggie, the song takes listeners on a journey of love gone wrong, pain, and reliving the few good times spent with a significant other.

If Celine’s writing or vocals were ever in doubt, “Old Love” will clear any doubts there are about the singer’s artistry. With a burgeoning R&B scene in Ghana and West and East Africa, Celine enters the conversation with this record. The melodies, delivery, and overall storytelling are remarkable and are sure to leave listeners in their “feels.”

Love teaches us a lot about others and ourselves that we do not know until we experience being loved by them. The song is an appreciation of how it feels to be loved while calling out people who introduce you to an experience they can never keep up with. When all is said and done, we will need more than just flowers and a touch of old love.R&B music is alive, and KiKi Celine is determined to be one of the names synonymous with the genre whenever conversations about the genre come up.

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