Is Davido Still The Self-Acclaimed 001?

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Davido’s movement in the music world over the last two years may have been shaky; it makes us doubt whether he is really the 001 as we have so dearly believed. It is insufficient that he has spent the last few years collaborating with other musicians to provide his audience timeless hits. Perhaps now is the right time for the entertainer to record a masterpiece of his own. Despite his failed single Stand Strong and his hoax of an album, A Better Time, this writer believes that the self-proclaimed 001 is capable of greater things.

He released his third album, A Better Time, in 2020. I view it as a disorganized project with the urgent need to ‘simply dump’ a project, despite the fact that most people would prefer to think of it as a decent effort. He released a single recently as well, but it vanished into the mix of popular tunes in the nation like dried-up droplets of water falling off a leaf. Once more, the author feels that he could have and should have performed better.

With his catalog of featured songs, it leaves us—or maybe just me—wondering what to expect from Davido in the future. The music landscape may need a ground-breaking project from the vocalist at this moment, given the oversaturation of the market with songs, something with good longevity. The 30BG Lord may have hinted in a recent tweet that he is “Ready again!” for another “True classic” in reference to his sophomore album, A Good Time. It leaves a lot of questions regarding why his third work of art is not mentioned.

I convey my desire for a collaborative project from the multiple-award winning performer with American singer, Chris Brown, since the music scene needs not only a ground-breaking project, but also one that will shake the industry. It wouldn’t be horrible if the time for a joint project—an EP or album—was now, even though we can only voice our hopes and wishes. From Blow My Mind to Lower Body to Shopping Spree to Nobody Has to Know, we can all hear and clearly hear the friction between Chris Brown and Davido’s respective musical styles. In the event that we are gifted with a project like this, nothing could possibly go wrong. The fans of both musicians from around the world would have a lot of music to listen to, and there is a chance that this might be a very successful collaboration.

Nobody sings more authentically than Davido. Whatever the case, the singer never strays from his style. It might have made it challenging for him to perfect and release a new sound for his followers. Son of Mercy, the EP, was the first instance of his transformation; it is still one of Davido’s best and yet underappreciated works. It’s evident that most individuals don’t like his mellower voice, In Stand Strong; the many critics arose once again.  The track has a vague air to it and appears to be a tune that was crafted under pressure, the pressure of wanting to sound ‘different’. 

Davido has a bigger job than just releasing a new song; He may need to make a carefully considered decision regarding who to feature, unlike the misstep in his third album. He and his team must carefully choose an artist who is appropriate for his song, not only for the sake of having an international musician, as opposed to merely for the hype that comes with it. The word “intentionality” might be something he needs to comprehend.

He also needs to retake his position in the spotlight and demonstrate his continued ability to produce hits. The buzz and eagerness to witness the magic between Davido and another adored musician will be fantastic, so perhaps we do indeed need a collaborative project. With his upcoming projects, we can’t wait to see him back in his element and provide a faultless performance as he does on features; a joint album or not. 

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