From Atlanta to France: Two Women Claim Pregnancy for Davido

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Nigerian Afrobeats singer Davido is once again in the news, this time for alleged paternity drama. Davido, whose government name is David Adeleke, is one of the most successful and popular African artists in the world, and his lifestyle reflects his status. Davido’s net worth is estimated to be around $25 million, and this makes him one of the richest musicians in Africa. He is known for his lavish spending, his expensive taste, and his love for fine women. This is why these new allegations are disappointing, but not surprising.

In a wild turn of events, two women, American model and entrepreneur Anita Brown, and French real estate agent Ivanna Bay, have both come forward claiming that they are pregnant with Davido’s child.

Brown, who goes by the Instagram handle @ninatheelite, first made the allegations on June 27. She shared lurid and explicit screenshots of alleged text messages between her and Davido, and even took a pregnancy test on Instagram live which revealed that she was indeed pregnant. Brown claimed that she met Davido in Dubai in 2017 and that they have had an on-again, off-again relationship “up until the pandemic, in which I was then in a long-term relationship.”

She accused Davido of pressuring her to have an abortion, which she refused. She also shared her chat with Clarks, the singer’s cousin. In the Snapchat messages, Clarks was trying to convince her to take some money and keep it quiet. He also claimed that he would try to advise the singer to let her keep the baby.

After being slammed by Davido fans with people accusing her of using his name for clout and trying to make money off him, she clapped back and unleashed all hell in a series of Instagram stories claiming that she was always popular and paid.

“I’m a woman who doesn’t like sitting in cars worth less than $100,000. I have over $2 million in property, and I own a community. If I ever need money, it’s because there’s a lot going on, and that comes with being an entrepreneur.” — NinaTheElite

Anita also claimed to not have been aware that the 30BG label head was married. “What really kills me is this married man narrative that you all are dragging like, oh I am dealing with a married man, cut it out. No, I did not know he was married, on God. I did not know he was married. Like, go to his page. Does it look like he’s married? Like, I’m confused,” she posted, reacting to trolls’ attacks on her.

Over the last few days, Anita’s rants and exposés have become more scathing and heated, with the former OnlyFans model stating that Davido never intended to marry Chioma Rowland, mother of his late son, Ifeanyi. According to her, it was the tragedy that forced Davido’s hand into marriage. Anita boldly tagged Davido to her posts on social media, asking him if he would have married Chioma if their son didn’t die.

“That’s why you got bad luck and bad things keep happening to you. YOU ARE THE DEVIL! YOUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE,” Anita posted bitterly.

In the midst of the raging storm, French Cameroonian real estate agent and influencer Ivanna, who goes by the Instagram handle @ivannabay, came forward with her own allegations on June 28. She shared screenshots of alleged WhatsApp and Instagram messages between her and Davido, as well as detailed her own side of the situation on her Instagram story. Bay claimed that she met Davido in Paris this year as he promoted his Timeless album, and that they had a sexual relationship. She said that she is now pregnant with Davido’s child and that he has been trying to pay her to keep quiet.

“I’m just so disappointed in this kind of man. Women, be careful! God bless you. Oh, by the way, I’m still pregnant, so see you in less than nine months now.” — Ivanna Bay

In one of her posts, she sarcastically questioned the number of baby mothers the singer has, and asked if it would be enough to form a soccer team. Ivanna also alleged that Davido tried to make her sign a confidentiality agreement for $10,000 without a lawyer present. She however dropped the allegations and deleted her posts shortly after Davido unfollowed her on all social platforms.

Davido has not yet publicly commented on the allegations. It is probably for the best because the way Anita is moving, he’d better come correct if he’s going to come at all. The allegations against Davido have sparked a lot of discussion on social media, with some people expressing support for the women, while others have defended him.

It remains to be seen what will happen next in this case. Davido could choose to publicly address the allegations, or he could remain silent. The women could also choose to take legal action against Davido. Only time will tell how this situation will play out.

In the meantime, it is important to remember that these are just allegations at this point. Davido has not been found guilty of anything, and he deserves the presumption of innocence. However, if the allegations are true, then it is a serious matter that needs to be properly addressed. We hope that the truth comes out soon, and that all parties involved are able to find peace and healing. Let’s not forget – play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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