Jiggy— The Confident Introduction of Defohn to the Nigerian Music Scene

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Defohn’s  debut release as an artist, titled “Jiggy,” exudes a sense of confidence and inspiration that effectively introduces the artist to the Nigerian music scene. The track is a bold statement that showcases the audacious nature of Defohn and his readiness to take on the music industry.

With an infectious energy and an unyielding aura, “Jiggy” leaves no doubt that Defohn is poised for greatness. His raspy vocals add a layer of rawness to the track, underscoring his determination to approach his music with the same fearless attitude as other successful artists like Odumodublvck.

In “Jiggy,” Defohn confidently proclaims, “Moti shana moti lana moti gbona moti gbana, I no be burna but my sound dey burn e get fire.” These lyrics serve as both a testament to his musical talent and an assurance of his imminent success in the industry. Defohn’s sound is unique and distinct, setting him apart from other artists and contributing to the development of his musical brand.

Overall, “Jiggy” is a powerful debut that highlights Defohn’s potential as a rising star in Nigerian music. With his fearless approach to this track that contains a sound that is all his own, it is clear that the artist is on the path to greatness.

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