Musical Fusion at Its Finest- DAP The Contract’s ‘PW3RS’ EP

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Welcome to the era of an even more creative music space, where artists like DAP The Contract are pushing the boundaries of the Nigerian music landscape. In a refreshing departure from the familiar Afrobeats sound, DAP The Contract’s music stands out as distinctly unique. This is evident in his latest project, PW3RS, where he maintains his own artistic streak without conforming to musical standards.

One of the notable features of this EP is the infusion of Western influence. DAP The Contract masterfully creates a body of work that resonates with a Western style, resulting in captivating rhythms, infectious bounces, and intricately woven melodies across the seven tracks. The journey from the beginning to the end of the project is truly marvelous.

The EP kicks off with “Water,” a mid-tempo track that sets the pace for what follows. The lingering beat in “Dancing In The Rain” showcases DAP’s artistry, as he skillfully blends Afro fusion with his distinctive vocals. The track also features a relatively talented artist, who, in my opinion, is someone to watch out for in the music space.

DAP The Contract’s choice of featured artists is another standout aspect of this album. Rather than opting for collaborations with more established names in the Nigerian music scene, he creates magic with his selected collaborators. This decision adds depth and variety to the tracks on the album.

In “Birds Of A Feather,” one can unmistakably detect the influence of Jay Z and other notable American rappers. This slow and soulful rap song showcases DAP’s skills as an artist. Throughout the EP, DAP effortlessly transitions between genres, from alté to afro-fusion, rap, and soul, while heavily drawing from R&B influences.

“Magic” is perhaps the track that truly reveals DAP The Contract’s Nigerian roots, despite its departure from afrobeats. Even though his attempt may be considered unconventional, he revels in his musical ingenuity, creating notes that defy conformity.

While deviating from the norm may not always be a good idea in the music business, PW3RS by DAP The Contract stands out as a testament to the artistic prowess of this maestro. It showcases his ability to seamlessly traverse different genres, proving that breaking the mold and staying true to oneself can be an even greater display of sheer talent. This EP solidifies DAP The Contract’s position as an artist who refuses to be confined by musical conventions, and it’s a testament to his continued growth and artistic vision.

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