Dan Drizzy Gives Up Everything For Love On New Single, “Robo Love”

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After 2 successful dance collaborations in 2022 which included the highlight release, “International” which features London based Ghanaian artist Eugy, fast rising artist Dan Drizzy is back again and this time he delivers a soft slow tempo melodious Afropop single titled “Robo Love”.

“Robo Love” translates as ‘Robot Love’. The song starts with an immediate kick that sets you right into the groove. You might easily get lost in the AnelWorldwide production before being pleasantly ushered into the record by Dan Drizzy’s smooth vocals. 

He sings about the effects of a love he’s been feeling and how much it takes control over him, making him act like a robot. He loves the feeling though and croons to his love interest to take everything he has to offer, materially and emotionally. He’s ready to give it all up: 

“Odo yewu the things you do me, girl ɛnfa me ho. You can buy anything you want, ɛnfa me ho.”

In the lyric video for “Robo Love” Dan Drizzy embodies the role of a smitten lover in his performance as he sings to his lover, playfully hanging around the couch while a masquerade dances in the background.

In the context of his music, the masquerade, a popular symbolic representation of the divine, does not just stand for Dan Drizzy’s pride in his roots. Masquerades are known to communicate through dance, and performance of songs or dramatisation of issues and for the artist, this is a mirror of his craft and how spiritual it can be to him…communicating his feelings and thoughts to fans and listeners, through his music. 

Dan Drizzy is a Ghanaian-born Nigerian Singer/Songwriter. His music is influenced by his family’s deep ties to South Nigerian Highlife music and the years he spent in South Africa and Nigeria. His outstanding ability to create melodies and his obvious skill in sound arrangement and songwriting have contributed to his success not just in Ghana but other areas in Africa.

The DDMusic front liner has promised even more new music to add to his growing catalog with his next single dropping in September with Zambian music artist, Mr Faga. 

Stream Robo Love on all streaming platforms here: https://linktr.ee/kuldrizzy

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