Candy Bleakz Starts The Year With “Wale Remix” Featuring Simi

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CandyBleakz, the unapologetic Ladies Dragon, is once again redefining her sound and making waves in the music scene. Renowned for her ability to seamlessly blend the indigenous Yoruba language with elements of Afrobeats and Street-pop, CandyBleakz is ascending toward widespread dominance.

After asserting her musical prowess in the previous year with the explosive 2-pack release, “Free for All & Not Holy,” CandyBleakz kicks off 2024 with a soul-stirring remix of her hit track “Wale,” featuring the enchanting vocals of Simi. This remix takes an already introspective song to new heartwarming heights, showcasing the synergy between two formidable talents.

“Wale Remix” serves as a personal narrative, exploring the struggles of life and the quest for greener pastures. Simi’s feature adds a layer of emotional depth, creating a captivating listening experience that encourages reflection on the journey toward success and sharing that success with family.

CandyBleakz’s storytelling ability takes center stage once again, as she delivers a poignant and relatable Nigerian hustle over a mid-tempo, bubbly instrumental. The track stands as an affirmation of CandyBleakz’s unwavering determination to carve her niche in the afrobeats space.

With “Wale Remix,” CandyBleakz is not just releasing a song; she’s creating a grand re-entrance, building on the commendable work of her previous hits. Brace yourself for an immersive musical journey that captures the essence of resilience and triumph. Get ready to experience the soulful synergy of CandyBleakz and Simi in this heartwarming remix. 

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