How Well Of An Impeccable Debut Is BNXN’s Album, Sincerely, Benson

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First it was his debut EP which was a masterpiece, and then his sophomore album which fell short of expectations, and then BNXN dropped his third, a flawless masterpiece that asserted that the one-time Next Rated winner indeed pays attention to critiques and listeners of his work. What BNXN is, is an overtime hard worker, who is as talented as he is smart. 

It is a well known fact/argument on how BNXN is a good featured artist and a brilliant solo artist for his own music, while you might have your comments on where his strength lies in, you cannot deny the reality of how much good he has imbued in him. With “Spiritual”, “Kilometer”, “Mood”, “Finesse”, “Cold Outside”, amongst other hit classics of his, BNXN is a god, in his own lane, making music that perfectly sums up the definition of cool and calm. 

This writer understands clearly that to appreciate BNXN’s music, you’ll need to appreciate a serene aura, you’ll need to appreciate lyrical harmony, melodious depth and smooth sonic sound— as the artist’s music encapsulates. His debut album, is no doubt a stress of how much calm you’d need to be, to perfectly enjoy it. 

Releasing his long awaited debut album, “Sincerely, Benson”, on October the 5th, 2023, BNXN has catapulted himself to the hierarchy of new cats who have been able to score a strike with having a solid debut in the Nigerian music scene. No matter the critics of this debut that lays outside on the internet, particularly the X platform, it is well known within that the debut is a fresh sound that though no different from the BNXN we’re familiar with, is still, a new perspective and dimension added to the mysteries of Daniel Benson. 

There is no such thing as “to enjoy BNXN’s music, you need to be in a certain frame of mind” — it’s a faux, and this is because the artist is familiar with working his way to capturing the attention of his listeners from the 0:01 second of his music. Listening to “My Life” as the opening track of the album, while the title is well explained, the essence of what it captures is contained in the mannerism of BNXN’s flow, and his lyrical skills. Now, on terms of lyrical composure, BNXN is at his peak. You barely get to hear of a BNXN’s song that is subpar with inability to understand what exactly he’s making out of his words. Good music, good words, good time, is what BNXN’s all about. 

“Sincerely, Benson” is a 15-track body of work that captures what makes BNXN’s life; well, from the point of his well established fame. The album explores the world of his life, his struggles and hustles, his love life and his heartbreak. It is the usual go-to expression of every new generation artist, but with different artistic expressions. 

What he sets to launch in the album in the description of his life and hustles as a growing youth seeking freedom in every aspect of his life, he seals with a similar perspective of being on lock in the outro of the album, “Final Answer” featuring Popcaan. 

The chronological sequence of the album is a display of BNXN’s brainwork, as it is a well amplified run into each track, there is no “off-key” tempo, and an easy understanding of the message the artist intends to pass across. 

So if you ask, I think the simplicity of his album is one flawless design on the album. 

The point in this album, is to not depict vocal range, genre exploration or prove a point, it is glaring that this album, is an unfolding of his vulnerability and his life. Artists are permitted to simply make music that resonates from within their hearts, under no pressure to display ‘range’. 

While BNXN indeed goes ahead to show he can be a bit diverse with songs off the album, such as “Gwagwalada” itself, a well known classic which dropped even before the album release, the main focus of the album does not lie in anything other than his inner expression. 

Critics on internet conclude that BNXN’s debut is a very artistic project, but yet very monotonous. How does one conclude that indeed, no lies detected, but also, defend it to a point of understanding? Agree on the fact that he might have been monotonous with his sound, and defend from a standpoint that it is how the artist is, his vibe, is solidly expressed through his music. 

And to a more defensive point, he indeed wasn’t all that monotonous— on songs such as “Gwagwalada”, “Right Energy”, “Party Don’t Stop”, “Realize”, are upfunk and sonically electronic respectively in their sounds.

While he explores the theme of love and lost, BNXN captures the innate feeling of pain and heartbreak in songs such as “Pidgin & English”, “Sweet Tea (Aduke)” and “Toxic”

On “Pidgin & English”, the pain of an ex is most vivid where the lyrics tell you the tale of he and his ex, who was once, known in the public space. (Before she proceeded to serve him hot, or however it went

BNXN graced the hems of different perspectives on this album, where he sampled on “Maximum Damage” featuring Headie One, to the implementing of childhood rhymes on “Say My Name” 

The artist’s features with artists such as Taves, Headie One, 2Baba and Popcaan are the most intentional feature so far in the realm of 2023 projects consisting of featured artists. For every featured artist on a track on BNXN’s “Sincerely, Benson”, the artist taps into a whole new world of sonic exploration, sounding mellow-ey different. 

Having been a long time since we’ve had a 2Baba conversation in the music scene, BNXN and the legendary artist’s collaboration on “Regret” is iconic, with the synchronized energy between both artists, how well suited the beats and rhyme was for both artists, and this helped in the glide of the artists’ verses. 2Baba’s verse on the song, was a feel of nostalgia and the remembrance of the “African Queen” maestro. 

“Sincerely, Benson” is a project for the grown mind and a lover of RnB, those who understand stereotypical nature of artists and how well they’re able to establish leadership in their proven musical line. BNXN did not fold whatsoever in his album, led out a message line through the project, while assuring the streak of his groove music through tracks off the album. In essence, the album is as relaxing as it is groovy, it’s your choice to pick a mood and aura, and immerse yourself in the emotion. 

For a debut, the artist surely outdid himself— although, while the album is not necessarily as mind-blowing as expected, it is most definitely not subpar. A fine blend of both energies, “Sincerely, Benson”, an album for a run time of over forty-four minutes, is an impressive body of work, where there’s no need to express difficulty in being swayed by the velvety vocals of BNXN. 

In truth and candidness, the artist has been able to provide the Best Of Him in his debut project, with a hope on the part of lovers of his music that an even better version, a more explorative side of his musical elixir is unfolded in his forthcoming projects. 

Thus, this writer concludes that an inability to enjoy BNXN’s “Sincerely, Benson” is your desire for a need to critic a flawlessly crafted project. With its own unique style, the album’s replay value is massive as the symphony of sounds laced into is, enormous. 

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