“Bioba” and Beyond, A Discussion on Laycon’s Artistic Progression

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Laycon’s rise to prominence is a tale laced with grace, a touch of luck, and undeniable talent. The Nigerian music scene now finds itself enamored with the beloved artist whose journey began with the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Edition. However, it wasn’t always a smooth path for Laycon. When he entered the house as a latecomer, he faced ridicule for his eccentric attire—a full on-light shirt that became the subject of mockery.

Little did anyone know that beneath that seemingly unconventional fashion choice was an incredibly talented artist with a keen wit and impeccable artistry. Laycon’s true identity as a rapper and singer eventually emerged, winning the hearts of viewers not through a clichéd “the streets made me” story, but by showcasing a well-balanced personality and natural charm that endeared him to the audience. His long-time single, “Fierce,” featuring Reminisce, resurged and topped the charts, proving his talent wasn’t to be underestimated.

Laycon’s journey serves as a testament that reality TV show contestants can indeed possess genuine talent and can overcome the hurdles of proving themselves in the music industry once the show concludes. Even as a housemate, his artistry shone through, evident in the projects he worked on during that phase.

Though Laycon may not hold the title of the best rapper in the industry, he possesses the essence of a true artist who relentlessly strives to make his mark. His debut album, “Shall We Begin,” sparked a range of reactions from the Nigerian audience. While some critics voiced displeasure at what they perceived as basic rap skills, the album was, in all honesty, a balanced mix of strengths and weaknesses.

His greatness is not solely determined by Nigerian’s acceptance of his artistry but by his ability to rise to the occasion and define his audience’s appreciation through a reality TV show, solidifying his place as a beloved artist.

The release of “Shall We Begin” ignited heated debates and discussions on the internet. Laycon’s debut could have been more impressive and perhaps less bound to an archaic rap style, but he didn’t turn a deaf ear to the criticism. Listening to the feedback from his fans and music enthusiasts alike, Laycon demonstrated true growth and evolution in his recently released sophomore album, “Bioba.” This second masterpiece showcases an artist open to embracing change and feedback, a mark of someone genuinely interested in honing his craft.

Indeed, three years can hold profound transformations, and Laycon’s projects stand as evidence of that fact. With “Bioba,” Laycon reigns supreme, confidently presenting an album that showcases his individuality and narrates his unique stories.

A remarkable aspect of Laycon’s artistry lies in his introspection and philosophical musings. This is evident not only in his thoughtful lyrics and songwriting but also in his careful selection of album and EP titles. From “Who Is Laycon” to “Shall We Begin,” and “I Am Laycon EP,” each title signifies a specific chapter in his musical journey and artistic growth.

Laycon’s style of singing and musical approach may not conform to conventional norms, but that’s what makes him stand out. During his prime time in the Big Brother house, Laycon enthralled the audience with stellar performances, showcasing his talent in songs like “Fierce,” “Hip Hop,” “Fall For Me,” and several other brilliant pieces. That phase was undoubtedly Laycon’s moment of revelation.

Beyond being a lyrical storyteller, Laycon embodies a meticulous approach in crafting his albums and EPs. The deliberate choice of each title reflects his artistic intention, from introducing himself to the world and kickstarting his career with “Who Is Laycon” and “Shall We Begin,” to reaffirming his identity with “I Am Laycon EP,” and now presenting a reminder of who he is through the album “Bioba.”

The magnificence of “Bioba” is a testament to Laycon’s dedication and hard work. His masterful play with different tunes, the steady rhythm, and the judiciously selected featured artists such as Peruzzi and Oladapo all contribute to the album’s enchanting allure.

Laycon’s name is already synonymous with hit songs, and his involvement in the 2020 anthem “Nobody” remix by DJ Neptune further solidifies his worth in the industry. However, what truly sets Laycon apart is his ability to create music that transcends mere entertainment, delving into profound themes and connecting with listeners on a deeper, intellectual level.

Laycon once referred to himself as an “old man in a young body,” hinting at the wisdom and maturity that emanates from his music. His music career is a tapestry woven with passion, growth, and authenticity, a tale that continues to inspire and captivate audiences. As Laycon’s journey unfolds, there is no doubt that his legacy will leave an indelible mark on the Nigerian music scene, firmly establishing him as a force to be reckoned with.

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