Love, Longing, And Letting Go: Begho And Inçi’s EP “Don’t Bother, I’m Not Coming Back” Unveils It All

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Begho and Inçi’s latest EP, “Don’t Bother, I’m Not Coming Back,” opens an unfiltered window into the unpredictable path of love. Through six deeply touching tracks, this EP artfully constructs a story of love, desire, and the eventual separation.

Having released “Ride4U,” a joyful ride through their love story, prompting you to sing along as they express their love and dedication to each other.

“AMPHETAMINE” initiates the journey, capturing the intensity of their connection. “Distance” depicts the anguish of separation. “Knackzzzzz” ignites desire, while “Ride4U” reveals profound commitment. “AlwaysYuu” delves into the complexities of a strained love, and “Outro” concludes with introspection.

Begho is a rising talent in Nigerian rap and production. His music combines hip-hop with bouncy self-produced beats. He gained attention with “Midnight Run Vol. 1,” inspired by his late-night drives. On the other hand, Inçi, a vocal sensation, discovered her love for music during primary school, especially the piano. In 2019, she embarked on her musical journey, sharing mesmerizing covers that highlighted her versatility and artistic vision, garnering admiration and recognition.

 This EP unravels the intricate web of human connections, imprinting itself on the heart and soul.

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