Luxurious Living and Love— Experience the Magic of Ajebutter 22’s ‘Soundtrack To The Good Life’

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One thing about Ajebutter22 that you’ll notice is that he leads a calm, refined lifestyle, which is strikingly reflected in the manner he crafted his music. The artist creates songs in the alté style that speaks about the hustle; his music is wholesome and is a rap blend of English and Yoruba with intriguing wordplay in his lyrics.

The last time the alté star electrified the nation with his music was in 2018, when he released the powerful album What Happens in Lagos, which was focused on the variety of experiences Lagosians have while living there and the certainty that things never before seen in one’s life happen in Lagos. With the release of his album, Ajebutter22 solidified his position as a musical icon while maintaining a suave lifestyle.

His voice is highly recognizable; it has a deep bass and, if one must be humorous, a “sugar daddy” kind of enthusiasm. Simply put, his vocals are a soothing ball to the ear, and they perfectly match the melodies in his music.

What better way to demonstrate the luxurious lifestyle the artist ostensibly lives by than to listen to all fifteen songs on his just released album, Soundtrack To The Good Life? The 15-track album is focused on a life of luxury that either has a lot of love or is overflowing with love. He includes musicians like Ajebo Hustlers, whose songs are known for their witty lyrics, Oxlade, whose songs are known for their jittery love lyrics, Ladipoe, whose songs are known for their fire lyrics, and other musicians whose vocals, when combined with Ajebutter22’s, create a masterpiece that is a joy to listen to.

Ajebutter22’s music can be reflected in the way it is structured, the artists he features, the way the beat veers, and, if attention is paid to the lyrics, by the way the artist sings. With the help of this album, you can comprehend his current attitude, which is clear cut: he just wants to relax and take in all the pleasant things life has to offer.

Ajebutter22 opens his album with a spoken word performance by spoken word artist,  Koromone, on Soft Life Manifestations, who uses her voice to evoke emotions and paint a rather vivid picture of an opulent life. You are welcome to listen to Koromone’s performance here to get a sense of the direction the album will take. who uses her voice to evoke emotions and paint a rather vivid picture of an opulent life. You are welcome to listen to Koromone’s performance here to get a sense of the direction the album will take.

His connection with Studio Magic is still strong because, once again, like with all of his other musical endeavors, he collaborated with the producer. Ajebutter22 and the producer jointly released the 2014 album Anytime Soon. The sync between the artist and producer is felt as a tsunami-like movement in the song African Man. He reveals his African side by professing his love for a woman’s physique and doing so informally in Yoruba. He thus kills two birds with one stone by displaying both his African and Yoruba sides. He says, “Gimme that egusi and pounded yam/ I too like woman.”

The artist is one versatile icon with the ability to grab on whatever sound he finds himself with. His glide on King of Parole and Amapiano x Shisha featuring Toby Shang is more than just a club banger; it is evidence of the artist’s dexterity and musical flow. Until now, we had never heard an Ajebutter22’s sound on Amapiano. The elaborately patterned log drums on both songs help to further illustrate the album’s concept, “Soundtrack To The Good Life”,and the inclusion of hypeman Toby Shang follows naturally as the artist restfully builds the song’s anticipation in a cool, controlled manner. All you need to collaborate together with Ajebutter22 is a spark of ease. 

As was already mentioned, Ajebutter22 sings about love on songs like FireSunmoju, and Unconditionally in his album. It is practically impossible to have a featured artist like Oxlade and not anticipate the track to be a love melody, and Unconditionally demonstrates this. The fact that Ajebutter22 and Oxlade are the artists on the track, with Oxlade’s falsetto tune and Ajebutter22’s bass voice doing its thing, is obvious even without a clear glimpse of the artists.

In Sunmoju, the artist expresses a love-struck and romantically inclined state of mind. He most certainly outdid himself on this track, which is currently one of the top 5 songs on the album—for its originality and completely differently crafted pattern. Ajebutter22’s rhymes and wordplay are not only lovely but also a subtle love rendition that is heartwarming.

The Port Harcourt musical duo rave on Enjoyment and present it as a manner of displaying their passion for a girl, as well as Ajebutter22 rapping slowly on showering his lady with the finest things of life, striking a delicate balance on the subjects of his album Soundtrack To The Good Life.

With the funny lines, “take my breath away, I have some oxygen I’m not using/take my heart away, I have some destiny I’m not using to,” the artist who is redefining alté samples Daddy Showkey’s iconic song from Somebody Call My Name in Finish Me. The song nicely encapsulates the Nigerian phrase “a finished guy”, which refers to a man who is madly in love.

What better way to enjoy the good things of life than to listen to an album dedicated to them by Ajebutter22? His album is full of songs that accurately depict the title of his album, Soundtrack To The Good Life. Through songs like Confam featuring Kida Kudz on his album, he reminds Nigerians that he hasn’t strayed from his well-known musical cause—the alté way. 

The musician continues to be a rapper with an unusual method of honing his craft, remaining in his own niche and not competing with other rap artists in Nigeria, and simply contributing good, tasteful music to the national music scene.

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