The Gospel of Ajebo Hustlers in ‘Bad Boy Etiquette 101’

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Ajebo Hustlers are one of the most popular contemporary musical duos present in the Nigerian music scene today, just like any other charming musical pair. This musical team, made up of Piego and Knowledge, is heavily influenced by afrobeats, and they have a reputation for releasing songs and musical projects that are not only huge hits but also highly addicting to hear and absorb in your head as a listener.

Piego, the rapper of the musical duo, and Knowledge, the husky singer whose rhythms are always in sync, are the two members of the musical duo who define their sound and identity as the Kpos Lifestyle. These two individuals have talents that are unique but also intertwined, and their combination has helped to create something magical in each of their tracks. The beginning of the singing is typically a verse dedicated to  Knowledge, and Piego’s rap verse adds a sublime with questionable rap flows, giving it an introspective edge. As an illustrative example, in Caress, he says, “You dey enter my eyes like soap when I dey baff,” and in Loyalty, “You dey give me joy like footballer wey score for finals.” It’s safe to say that his lyrics are humorous, entertaining, and lean toward the most gritty side of the rap game.

With the release of Barawo in 2020, they first garnered notoriety. The song addressed societal ills and how the government siphons off the nation’s cake for its own benefit. It was released during the tense End SARS period of October 2020. They made a remix with Davido, who is known for his exuberant energy, after the song received widespread acclaim and put their names on the lips of music lovers everywhere. The song Barawo, which was released in 2020, is remembered as being among the hardest songs ever.

Following the release of their debut EP, Kpos Lifestyle, in 2021, the musical team recently released their sophomore EP, Bad Boy Etiquette 101. They are quickly becoming a powerful force in the Nigerian music industry and are known for their instantly recognizable sound.

For the musical duo, Bad Boy Etiquette 101 is a gospel of one thing: a sermon about their goals, love flings, and playboy wisdom. While they may not focus on the subject of ambitions, aspirations, and their romantic adventures, the artists tend to concentrate only on the storyline of being playboys, subtly criticizing LOVE. Rap, amapiano, and Afrobeats are seamlessly incorporated into the EP.

Dreams, the opening track from Bad Boy Etiquette 101, is a witty description of Knowledge and Piego’s goals, hopes, and aspirations. It is woven into rhythms and hooks that can be delivered on the lithe percussions. The track, which was produced by Niphkeys, is an introspective beginning to this project. The rifts and instrumentals in general are swaying, unwrapping the romance theme of Bad Boy Etiquette 101 and using Dreams as a form of reminder to their fans to melt their memories of them having music as their only profession. What better way to start a love song than by sharing your dreams?

It is only natural to accompany a tune that exudes love and has Fave as a featured artist—the song, In Love, was unquestionably written specifically for the female musical icon. She moves fluidly through the cadenced percussion rhythms in In Love.As always, the musical pair is featured in the pidgin-infused track, which examines the amorous perspective from both genders and creates the mood for the subsequent track. The song discusses how falling in love can change your behaviour in every sane way imaginable and affect your default settings. Fave repeatedly reruns, “since I fell in love..,” throughout the song.

Knowledge declares in the song, Kisses that he “don’t wanna love no more,” like a wake-up call from the love-filled dreams of the preceding track. He sings on how love suffocates and the fact that it can mess with your default settings. Piego raps in pidgin about how much he wants a woman who is out of reach for everyone, equating a female gender with a “market.” The song has light strings and percussions, and it introduces the actual bad boy style that are referenced in the EP’s title.

Ajebo Hustlers flutter into the song No Love (18 Plus) and here they include Mayorkun, the pon-pon king of features, in an effort to continue the pursuit of their bad boy jitters. The song begins with a calm chant with a beat that is clearly amapiano. Mayorkun glides over this song’s stanza with ease and serenity. While confirming that she doesn’t require love, the song speaks from the perspective of a woman who is apparently exposed to things that are dismissed as explicit. Piego delivers his verse as usual, stating that he must be strapped up in order to engage in sexual activity with a woman. The lyrics of the song are as clear and blunt as they possibly could be.

No Peace (Violence) demonstrates once more their mastery of the rinsed and repeated music genre. Their obvious play with amapiano is a smash success. Ajebo Hustlers express extreme carnal ideas in their songs using lyrics and contagious melodies, much like any other classic Port Harcourt musician would do. Their lofty rhythms sweep you away from the idea of dwelling on their lyrics and instead lets you focus on the melodies alone. The artists also discuss how they are unable to love because of how they have been hurt while discussing an enticing entanglement.

Loyalty was released prior to the EP’s release. Here, the musicians revel back to their romantic pursuit like was done in In Love while talking about commitment and how much their lady would follow them “till the wheels fall off.” Due to the timeless vibe Loyalty gives, regardless how long it has been in the music field, it is obvious how addictive their songs are.

Burn My Cable is an authentic acoustic song with hints of highlife influence, especially in the opening seconds. Rap and afrobeats are combined in the song, and lush instrumentals are used to accentuate the music. 

Piego and Knowledge’s combined strength is, to put it simply, a monster combination of flames, simmering sparks ready to burst into a spectacular display of flames in our faces. Over the years, they have consistently given excellent work, never giving up on us music fans while gently climbing the ladder, making them a notable enigma of the musical pair from PH.

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