“Tequila Ever After”, Redefining The Artistry of Adekunle Gold

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Adekunle Gold’s exceptional creativity extends beyond his music. He is a true all-rounder, displaying versatility both within and outside the music realm. 

Throughout his career, Adekunle Gold has consistently embraced evolution, redefining the essence of his music. Previously, he was recognized for his unique take on afro-music, crafting heartfelt songs revolving around love and life, infused with his own life experiences and reflections on personal struggles. His lyricism has always been candid and unapologetic, and even during the early stages of his career, his art resonated with audiences, whether they appreciated the monosyllabic pattern in his music or not.

While hits like “Sade” and “Orente” contributed to his rise in the Nigerian music landscape, it was Adekunle Gold’s humorous talent and impressive photoshopping skills that added an extra dimension to his appeal, alongside his music that revolved around the theme of love conquering all. However, as time passed, Adekunle Gold’s evolution not only transformed his sound but also shifted his ideology of love, redefining what it takes to maintain a relationship.

Transforming from an artist with a tie and dye print fashion sense and a focus on earthly romance, Adekunle Gold underwent a remarkable style glow-up, showcasing growth in his entire persona. Despite these changes, he successfully retained his audience while gaining new admirers. Like a fully transformed butterfly, Adekunle Gold embraced his flight to new heights, soaring with confidence in his musical artistry.

The artist’s journey also included a rich catalog of hit songs, starting from the breakthrough hit “Sade” and extending to “Orente,” “Jore,” the 2021 party anthem “High,” and the recent club banger “Party No Dey Stop.” The consistency of his success demonstrated Adekunle Gold’s prowess as a skilled musician with a string of well-received projects.

In all honesty, you cannot undermine the skill and artistry of AG Baby, our beloved baby. 

Following his effortless reign in 2021, being one of the many artist to grace Nigerians with a perfect song, High, featuring Davido, Adekunle Gold dropped his album, Catch Me If You Can — this album was dropped with an air of confidence and the assurance of tested waters following the singles that built up to that moment. And despite the divided sneers of how the album did not live up to the hype, or make good use of the clout awarded to it, one thing remained a fact, that couldn’t be taken away from the artist or his art; how each drop of a project shows an even better growth. Adekunle Gold, represents an artist metamorphosing into a god-kind of level in this thing called music. 

There is also the air of relatability that Adekunle Gold provides his fans and lovers of his music— how he crafts personalized mails and reach out to them, giving them the least inkling of connection. Now, despite the fact that it’s simply a written mail sent to thousand of AG Baby’s fans, only with the name tweak, this artist has mastered audience engagement. One question would linger after thoroughly examining all of these— isn’t Adekunle Gold worthy of the accolades bestowed on him? Hasn’t he earned his flowers rightly? 

Recently releasing an album, “Tequila Ever After”, Adekunle Gold, has been able to redefine his artistry; able to mark up his come back, with this even better rated album, one that is carefully carved for our listening pleasure, and a relaxing atmosphere. In truth, the opening of the album is as captivating as it is luring. 

When the album opens with “Chasing Peace Of Mind”, it clicks that the artist is perhaps setting the pace for a wholesome ride into his album, with the richness of instruments lurking in the melodies of the song, as well as Ami Faku’s sonic vocals. If on first listen you’re unable to enjoy the wholesomeness of this song, drawing you in, into the rest of the tracks on the album, then perhaps you’re a definitive hater of AG Baby’s masterful art. 

It’s particularly easy to be drawn in to Adekunle Gold’s melodies, to be enraptured in the depth of his music and understand the intricacies of his lyrics— but to be stuck on it? Is one weakness this writer often faces with his music. However, “Tequila Ever After” holds the hope of sticking to the skin for the longest, it comes with the mints of freshness and the wisps of careful selections. 

In one of the beauties of Adekunle Gold and his music, it’s how he often bares his soul and his state of mind into his music. Quite alright, you’ll vibe to the rhythm of what his music offers, but his inclusion of his story doesn’t decline from it. Featuring Odumodublvck in “Wrong Person”, he cites the  misperceptions about his perceived softness, the inclusion of Odumodublvck in this track, sends the strong message of fear as no other artist could have been a better feature for the storyline embroiled in this song. 

With “Tequila Ever After”, Adekunle Gold has been able to prove not one, not two, but numerous things — the diversity of his sound, his vigorous growth which seems to have no limit, and his requisite taste for fine things. Truth is at the moment, there is the unlikely nature of being able to hold the fire hems of Adekunle Gold, he has this album to show even further proof. 

AG Baby’s most recent is a blend, a blend of Afrobeats and an attempt of diving into the western scene, with the large appearance of western acts such as Khalid, Pharrell Williams, Coco Jones and Nile Rodgers. With songs such as “Come Back To Me”, Adekunle Gold is well suited for settling in the western music scene, with how enchanting and alluring the song is, getting better each second with the magic Khalid renders in the form of his vocals.

Talking of gold mines, Adekunle Gold struck one with having for a partner, Simi. Featuring her on “Look What You Made Me Do”, shows the upholstery of their vocals merged together, creating an eruption of goodness in its full form. 

Adekunle Gold seems to have aced every musical notes with this project, in how every track showcases silkiness. Perhaps, you’ll understand how silky this album truly is, if you’re a follower of his music right from his early starting days. You’ll realize “Ogaranya” is indeed a testament to his hopes and aspirations as portrayed in his early song, “Pick Up”. As was done with High, negating his assumption in “Orente” on how love indeed is enough. 

With “Tequila Ever After”, Adekunle Gold skillfully merges the soul of different musical genres, from Jamaicain popular dancehall style to American pop, creating luscious rhymes that stirs across different moods and states of minds, helping you twirl in his world. 

As Adekunle Gold is masterful with different genres, he is skilled in the aspect of making hit songs, shaking up the feet of music lovers. Every of his project has that one gutsy sound with the gyration feel, and this very album presents “Party No Dey Stop”, “Sisi Ganja” and “Ogaranya”. While he vividly portrays his present life in “Ogaranya”, Adekunle Gold still maintains the euphoria of delivering danceable sounds — this way, you’re mesmerized by how in-depth his songwriting skills are, as well as his naturalistic talents put into his music in the form of his melodious vocals. 

Adekunle Gold’s recent album is more than just a collection of songs; it is a meticulously crafted tapestry of emotions, experiences, and growth. Adekunle Gold’s masterful storytelling and poetic lyricism give each track a life of its own, offering a profound sense of relatability to listeners from all walks of life.

It reaffirms his remarkable musicality, marking another milestone in his career. With this album, he transparently shares his journey, his newfound appreciation for finer things, and his current state of contentment.

If there was ever a moment when some listeners underestimated the depth of Adekunle Gold’s musical prowess, “Tequila Ever After” has arrived as a powerful force to compel a reevaluation of those thoughts.

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