Young Jonn Returns With New Party Starter Track “Sharpally”

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Young Jonn’s vocal delivery and craftsmanship turns the average love song into a party tune and he does this seamlessly on this track. Since his debut under the leading entertainment company Chocolate City Music, YoungJonn has successfully churned out several hits such as Dada, Dada Remix featuring Davido, Normally, Xtra Cool and his most recent #1 hit single “Aquafina” projecting him as a leading African act in the music scene. 

YoungJonn, who has now joined the group of emerging Afro-pop musicians and artists in Nigeria, using music as a vehicle to deliver his message. Following the release of his most recent singles, he has kept his word to give his fans who have devoted their time and attention to listening to his songs nothing but fantastic music. 

Sharpally is a harmonious blend of love and him wanting to have a good time with heady lyrics perfectly placed to intoxicate the listener. This track is a definite party anthem speaking to a love that is hot and ready to go. 

The listener can feel a variety of emotions as a result of YoungJonn’s distinctive vocals and good command of his vocal style, melody, rhythm, diversity, and emotional delivery. From sorrow to joy, love, and more. 

On this track, a love song that is sure to become a party hit, he is establishing his supremacy.

This song is Young Jonn himself—not the loudest, but with such a distinctive taste and mood; it charms the average listener with its fantastic lyrics and catchy melody, and after the first two listens, it has the ability to get everyone passionately singing along.

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