Wadude’s “Last Dude Vol. 2” Ep: An Artistic Triumph In Seven Tracks

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Emerging artist Wadude, born Omolayo Iyanoluwa Olamide, has released his latest EP, “Last Dude Vol. 2,”. This EP marks a significant milestone in Wadude’s musical career, showcasing his artistic evolution and distinctive style.

Within “Last Dude Vol. 2,” a seven-track EP brimming with confidence and aspirations, you’ll find the vivid expression of dreams. From the inaugural beat to the concluding note, Wadude’s EP guarantees that every instant merit relishing.

The EP’s production and engineering seamlessly blend with Wadude’s signature style, ensuring an authentic and relatable sound. Notably, the project features collaborations with PDSTRN and SKAA, further enhancing the depth and diversity of the music.

“Anthem Maker” and “Heaven Let It Loose” released earlier are instant head-nodders as they speak to the grind and triumph over adversity.

“Last Dude Vol. 2” is a powerful fusion of Afrobeats, heartfelt melodies, and introspective themes. It explores a wide range of subjects, including love, sex, money, and family, all delivered with Wadude’s signature rhythmic flow.

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