Tylerriddim Releases Heartfelt Single ‘Sunny Side’

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Tylerriddim, the talented multi-genre Artist, Producer, and Songwriter, has just unveiled his first single of the year, titled ‘Sunny Side.’

This captivating track serves as a heartfelt reassurance of commitment and love to his significant other, offering a fresh perspective on relationships.

Tylerriddim addresses the pain experienced by his love interest in past relationships and promises a different, more trustworthy experience. Inviting her to the ‘Sunny Side,’ Tylerriddim assures her complete trust and vows to shield her from any future heartbreak.

Taiwo Tyler Oladimeji, known by his stage name Tylerriddim, hails from Lagos, Nigeria. His music style and taste are heavily influenced by his cultural background, environment, and personal experiences.

Tylerriddim is driven by a desire to explore untapped spectrums of sound and express his deepest thoughts and observations about the world.

When asked about his motivation to pursue music, Tylerriddim shares, “The reason I make music is to escape poverty. However, it is one of my easiest routes of expression. Through the beats and lyrics, I’m able to express my deepest thoughts and offer commentary on the world as I feel and see it.”

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