Sean Tizzle Unveils Emotionally Charged Album “Dues” And Joins Forces With ONErpm

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Nigerian music sensation Sean Tizzle has joined the illustrious roster of ONErpm, the renowned music distribution and label service company that is home to Chike, Zlatan, Bella Shmurda, Mohbad, Psycho YP and many more. 

Sean Tizzle is no stranger to the music industry, having left an indelible mark with his debut project, The Journey, and now returning with his self-titled album, Dues, which promises to take listeners on a journey of self-discovery and reflection. 

Dues is a testament to Sean Tizzle’s artistry and storytelling ability, with all songs on the album derived from real-life situations and emotions. Sean Tizzle uses the music to tell compelling stories that range from Divine African Woman, his ode to his beloved, to Dance, where he reminds listeners that happiness is the best investment in life. 

Speaking on the album, Sean Tizzle said, “what makes you a man is what you do when the storm comes. The truth is bigger than all of us.” He goes on to say that “life is much the same, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. But everything in the world finds peace eventually.” 

Dues is a relatable, heart-warming, and honest album that encapsulates the various emotions that make life worth living. It is a perfect listen for any life moment, whether in good times or bad times. 


1.Al Barakah (Produced by K Pillar)

2.Witness (Produced by Blaq Jerzee)

3.Divine African Woman (Produced by Finito)

4.With You (Produced by Pop Pill)

5.Extraordinary (Produced by Finito)

6.Focus (Produced by Steph Keyzz)

7.Dance (Produced by Finito)

8.Sure for You (Produced by Lussh)

9.Adofo (Produced by Finito)

10.God’s Gift (Produced by K Pillar)

11.Sean Plenty (Produced by Steph Keyzz)

12.Paid by Dues (Produced by K Pillar)

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