Nigerian Singer Sandave Elevates His Sound With “Higher” Remix Featuring Ice Prince And Joshua Baraka

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Sandave, the rising star in the Nigerian music scene, is making waves with his latest release, the remix of “Higher.” Born as Oluwasaanu Sogo, Sandave’s musical journey began in 2018.

Hailing from Akure, Ondo State, Sandave’s passion for music runs deep. His artistic roots trace back to this vibrant city, where he honed his craft and discovered his unique sound. Now, he’s ready to take his artistry to new heights.

In 2020, Sandave made a pivotal decision—to move to Lagos, the bustling epicenter of creativity and opportunity. Lagos, as it provided the perfect backdrop for Sandave’s dual pursuits: music and modeling.

The original release of “Higher” on September 20th last year set the stage for Sandave’s musical journey. Now, with the remix featuring the legendary Nigerian rapper Ice Prince and the soulful Ugandan artist Joshua Baraka, Sandave is taking his sound to new levels.

“Higher” speaks of overcoming disappointments, navigating adversity, and embodying the spirit of pushing beyond limits.

The synergy between Sandave, Ice Prince, and Joshua Baraka is palpable. Their collective voices unite in a powerful declaration of self-belief and ambition. Together, they invite listeners to rise above challenges and reach for greatness.

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