RYLTY captures the thrill of attraction in dreamy new release ‘Replay’

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Having a wild imagination beats having raw talent, and RYLTY (though not lacking the latter) manifests this mantra. Following her debut in February 2023, the talented singer showcases her remarkable growth and artistic prowess in her latest musical endeavour, “Replay.” 

Released on May 29, “Replay” is a mid-tempo song created from the figment of RYLTY’s imagination. On the Afrobeats song with elements of Alternative R&B, the Ghanaian singer touches on the thrill of meeting someone new and feeling attraction. “Replay came from a scenario I imagined,” she says about her second release. “I’m locking eyes with a stranger in the club and feeling an instant connection; he’s stealing glances while I rock the dance floor with my curves, and I can’t take my eyes off him either. I beckon him to get closer, and things get hot.” 

As an indoor baby, RYLTY is prone to daydreaming and creating imaginary worlds, which she incorporates into her music. For the 21-year-old, her alone time provides an opportunity to explore her emotions. With “Replay,” she showcases not only the power of her imagination but also her electrifying vocals as she switches between Alté, Afrobeats, and R&B. With the help of Zodivc, her genius producer, Rylty not only showcases her diverse musical influences but also captivates her audience with smooth piano melodies and dynamic grooves, giving “Replay” a dreamlike quality.”Replay”  is a beautiful contrast to the singer’s previous release and reflects her versatility as a genre-bending artist. 

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