Smooth R&B Delight: Runda’s ‘Beautiful Lies’ Woos Hearts Everywhere

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Runda, the rising star in the Nigerian music scene, has unveiled his latest captivating single, “Beautiful Lies.” With its seductive melodies and irresistible charm, the song leaves listeners yearning for more. The track explores the forbidden fruit, the kind that is undeniably appealing despite its potentially harmful consequences.

In collaboration with ONErpm, a leading distribution and Label services company, Runda’s “Beautiful Lies” takes the listeners on a journey that highlights the contrasting perspectives between men and women. The song emphasizes that while men are often swayed by visual attractions, women are primarily influenced by the power of words and emotions.

“Beautiful Lies” is a smooth, seductive track that is sure to woo a love interest. Runda’s vocals are smooth and soulful, and the production is lush and atmospheric, narrating a scenario where diplomacy and finesse are required to maintain a woman’s affections, even in the presence of other women vying for his attention.

“I wanted to write a song that was both sexy and seductive, but also had a bit of a dark side,” said Runda.

The song lures listeners with its intentionally smooth R&B sound, creating an enchanting atmosphere designed to woo and captivate a love interest.

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