Ruger Releases Electrifying Single “Kristy” Off His Upcoming album, “RU The World” 

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Produced by the talented Kukbeats, ‘Kristy’ is an Afro Riddim track with Caribbean undertones is sure to captivate fans and ignite their excitement. 

“Kristy” showcases the dynamic duo’s ability to seamlessly blend elements of Afrobeats and Caribbean music, resulting in a vibrant and infectious sound. The song exudes energy, rhythm, and a pulsating groove that will compel listeners to move to its irresistible beat.

Ruger’s smooth and versatile vocals take center stage as he delivers captivating melodies and compelling lyrics that tell a story of love, desire, and the pursuit of happiness. The song’s catchy hooks and memorable chorus are bound to leave a lasting impression on listeners, making it a potential anthem for summer celebrations and gatherings.

With its infectious rhythm, “Kristy” is a testament to Ruger’s growth as an artist and his ability to push boundaries within the Afrobeats genre. The song is set to thrill fans and further solidify Ruger’s reputation as one of the most exciting and talented artists in the Nigerian music scene.

“Kristy” promises to be a remarkable addition to Ruger’s discography, showcasing his unique style and musicality. It’s a song that will undoubtedly resonate with fans, leaving them eagerly anticipating its release and ready to embrace its vibrant and uplifting vibes.

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