The Street-Pop to R&B Wave – A Review of Pheelz’ EP, “Pheelz Good”

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The truth is that Pheelz has been making his way over the past several years from being the creative force in the underground work of a song to navigating the tides of becoming an artist who appears prominently in a song. The famed producer has, in actuality, done a superb job thus far at this voyage.

With the release of Finesse in 2022, which featured 2022’s Next Rated winner BNXN fka Buju, Pheelz astounded the Nigerian music industry by breaking through to a global level and becoming an internet sensation. The beauty of this song lies not in the fact that BNXN was a featured artist on it, but rather in the likelihood that Pheelz’s verse was an even better sensation than that of BNXN’s. While this does not invalidate the featured artist’s enigmatic effort, it only serves to highlight Pheelz’s true talent and his readiness to be branded an impeccable artist as well as a producer.

Down his catchy lyrics and dynamic instrumentals that go unnoticed and do more than adequate justice to his faultless production abilities, the producer/artist has guided us through the road of his musicality in the Afropop scene starting with the drop of Finesse.

With the recent release of his much-anticipated EP, Pheelz Good, in the new year, Pheelz exposes a variety of emotions intertwined as a packed piece, showcasing his deft ability to compose music without locking himself in and restricting his abilities to a particular genre. His most recent EP incorporates elements from the infamous Fuji genre while ranging from street-pop to R&B to pop.

Pheelz Good accepts the nuanced feelings that a person may feel while revealing his goals and taking stock of his life so far. The EP as a whole swings between a steely superstar vibe and a pulsing personal vibrancy.

Pheelz admits the skepticism that people have against him in Ballin; nonetheless, the song that he produced features him noting that despite the skepticism, he has things under control and will triumph over everything, no matter what he is challenged with. The RnB music swoons in a rather exquisite manner over the operatic sounds and murky vibrations.

Pheelz demonstrated his ability as both a producer and a performer by combining his skills on this tune when he first released Stand By You at the beginning of the year. He inspires an unwavering love for someone who returns the favors he bestows, one that is not just motivated by romantic feelings but stems from genuine affection and concern.

Pheelz, channeling his inner love boy, portrays a person who is in love in Pheelz Like Summer, which has so far stood out as one of the best songs on the EP. With his vocals tingling and seductive with an airy touch, Pheelz in this song becomes a completely other persona. He continues to wax poetic about love, equating his love for a female to summertime, as if the song were part B of Stand By You.

When you carefully consider the lyrics of Pheelz’s song Electricity with Davido, you can tell that the singer may have been in some kind of ambiguous situation. However, even though the song has a golden vibe and is full of sparks that can light up a room thanks to the syncopated energy of the two artists, you’ll need to comprehend the complexity of the song’s depth and joy to fully appreciate it.

Through the songs on Pheelz Good, Pheelz conveys a message, and Pablo Escobar is not left out of it. Every song on this EP offers a fresh perspective on the artist’s mindset, more contexts for the EP’s title, and a revitalizing sound that is a pleasure to listen to. In Pablo Escobar, he discusses navigating his life by moving forward one step at a time and believing that his goals will eventually come true.

Emi Laye Mi has a tay vibe that emanates from a place of pure street-pop and sees the musician utilizing the rich Yoruba culture, with his vocals even having a Fuji slur. This song extols the virtues of self-love, self-respect, and self-appreciation. It promotes realistic self-awareness and the understanding that you are the only person who can lift you out of your current situation.

The fullness of the beat, the chants, the saxophones, and the same inspirational pattern employed in Emi Laye Mimake up the richness of Ewele, which is captivating. The song’s hook, in particular, serves as a kind of homage to the place where the artist originally got his start and the artist more than enough justifies his talent on this track and its endearing melodies.

This exceptional artist won’t need to exert as much effort to demonstrate his value or persuade us of how great he is anymore. His use of a wide vocal range on the EP and the meticulous production of the eight tracks reveal him to be a multi-talented producer/artist whose fascinating music is primed to become a force in the Afropop scene.

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