Musical Brilliance And Personal Triumph: The Essence Of Mohbad’s ‘Blessed’ EP

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The Nigerian music industry has always been a hotbed of talent, producing some of Africa’s biggest music stars. In recent years, a new wave of artists has emerged, captivating audiences with their unique sound and style. One such artist making waves in the industry is Mohbad. With his distinct voice, captivating lyrics, and energetic performances, Mohbad has quickly become a rising star, solidifying his place in the Nigerian music scene.

Mohbad’s rise to prominence has been marked by a string of successful releases. From his breakout hit “Imole” to chart-topping tracks like “KPK (Ko Por Ke)” and “Feel Good,” his discography is filled with tunes that have gained widespread popularity.

Mohbad, whose real name is Ilerioluwa Oladimeji, burst onto the scene with a unique blend of street-hop, afrobeat, and hip-hop. His versatility as an artist allows him to seamlessly switch between various genres, giving him an edge over his peers. Whether he’s delivering catchy hooks or hard-hitting verses, Mohbad consistently showcases his raw talent, proving his ability to captivate listeners and hold his own on any track.

In 2022, Mohbad exited Marlian Records after claims of alleged physical abuse by his ex-label boss Naira Marley.

In the months that followed, Mohbad released 2 tracks Tiff and Weekend to close the year, the former takes a swipe at his former label while the latter focuses on moving forward.

By 2023, Mohbad released “Ask about Me” the first single of the year. “Ask About Me” had an upbeat and energetic feel, his baritone vocals were supported by the church choir and it was hard not to nod to the beat.

Months later, Mohbad would release Pariwo with long-term friend and collaborator “Bella Shmurda”. A song that sees them unfazed by the distractions.

His sophomore EP “Blessed” announcement came as a surprise as he had just released the video to Pariwo.

Released on the last day in June, here are 4 takeaways from the EP.


Mohbad’s artistic evolution takes centre stage in “Blessed.” Building upon the success of his debut and past singles, he delves deeper into his artistry, exploring new musical territories and refining his sound. 

“Blessed” kicks off with the energetic and anthemic track “Beast & Peace” setting the tone for the EP. 

Mohbad’s cadence oozes through as he asserts his status and addresses his opposition.

“Mo silent mood but beast nimi/ MoLe cause violence but still peace nimi/ You don’t have to hurt me, before you win/ You don’t have to kill somebody before you sin”

The production and delivery can be likened to the late rapper “Dagrin”.


One of the key themes in “Blessed” is Mohbad’s personal journey and his ability to rise above challenges. Through the tracks on the EP, he takes the listener on a vivid and introspective ride, sharing his experiences and emotions.

Doctor want you sick/ Lawyer want you in trouble/ Na only thief dey pray make you dey successful

Mohbad’s storytelling ability and honest lyrics make his music relatable. “Blessing” shines the spotlight on his unwavering determination to overcome adversity and emerge stronger, inspiring listeners to find their own strength within their journeys.

By sharing his personal journey, Mohbad inspires listeners to embrace resilience and keep pushing forward despite obstacles. The EP delivers a powerful message of determination and perseverance, reminding us that success is often born out of overcoming adversity. 


The collaborations on “Blessed” add depth and variety to the EP, showcasing the synergy between Mohbad and his featured artists. Long-time collaborators and friend Bella Shmurda and Zanku Boss Zlatan contribute their unique styles and energy to the project.

Mohbad’s bromance with Bella Shmurda is evident in their track “Pariwo,” where their chemistry shines through. The duo’s shared journey and mutual appreciation for each other’s talent create a warm vibe that resonates with listeners.

In “Account Balance,” The ikorodu natives join forces to provide a fun update to the street pop format, infusing the track with amapiano-inspired production. The synergy between their energetic performances and the catchy beats creates a lively and danceable atmosphere.

These collaborations not only showcase the camaraderie between the artists but also enhance the overall appeal of the EP, offering different flavours and styles for listeners to enjoy.


Each track on “Blessed” combines catchy melodies with meaningful messages, making the EP both entertaining and thought-provoking. Mohbad’s distinctive baritone vocals, coupled with his ability to seamlessly switch between English and Yoruba, add depth and authenticity to his music.

In “Sabi,” Mohbad celebrates his penmanship and rising above limitations, showcasing his confidence and self-awareness as an artist. The track’s infectious chorus and catchy hooks make it a standout moment on the EP.

“Omo Mi” is a heartfelt ode to love and trust. Mohbad celebrates his love interest, emphasizing the deeper connection beyond material gains.

Love your neighbour/ As you love yourself/ So I love her the way/ I love myself/ Jah be my guide/ I no fit hurt myself

The track showcases his vulnerability and showcases his ability to convey emotions through his soulful vocals.

“Blessing” takes on a different tone, with Mohbad adopting the role of a Ghetto Gospel Prophet. The song inspires listeners to keep moving forward despite the burdens they carry, providing a message of hope and resilience. The catchy melodies and relatable lyrics make it a standout track with a powerful impact.

Throughout the EP, Mohbad’s music and lyrics make “Blessed” a memorable and enjoyable listening experience. He effortlessly combines entertainment with meaningful messages, creating a body of work that resonates with listeners on both emotional and artistic levels.

As he continues to grow and evolve as an artist, his future prospects look incredibly promising.

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