Josh2Funny: The Nigerian Comedian Who Trolled America’s Got Talent

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Nigerians woke up last Wednesday to the pleasant surprise that Josh2funny debuted on America’s Got Talent (AGT). He delivered a spectacular nine-minute performance that had the initially confused judges and audience in stitches.

Josh Alfred, better known by his stage name Josh2Funny, is a Nigerian comedian and actor who recently made waves on America’s Got Talent. He has millions of followers on social media and even more views on YouTube. He’s a big deal in Nigeria, especially on social media, and he’s genuinely funny. So here’s how this whole thing started – in 2022, Josh2Funny released a viral sketch titled ‘The Fastest Reader In The World’, in which he played the character of ‘Ebenezer the Reader’ a speed reader auditioning for a talent show. 

“I read a 1,679-page book within two seconds,” Ebenezer told the show’s astonished judges. After a few more similarly outlandish claims, he demonstrated his “talent” by rifling through a few books at the speed of light and saying a bunch of nonsense, pissing the judges off in the process. When the judges impatiently ask him to explain the contents of the books he supposedly read, he reaches out for a book to reference, and the judges give him death stares. The judges had enough at that point. “Ay, I will bite your ear. I will chew your meat!” one of the judges threatened. The skit is part of a popular series called “The Audition,” in which Alfred plays a variety of crazy characters pretending to possess talents they don’t actually possess. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

Apparently, someone in the talent department of NBC’s America’s Got Talent has been watching, because on August 8, Alfred was invited on the show to perform a few of his “talents” live. He first played the character of the fastest reader in the world, flipping through pages and muttering gibberish per usual. The AGT judges were especially unimpressed with the speed-reading act, although none of them got mad enough at Alfred to threaten to “chew his meat.” 

Undeterred from the first rejection, Josh returned to the stage two more times in different costumes — first as the “fastest rapper in the world” and then as a magician — and slowly but surely, he won the crowd over with his goofy persistence. As the magician J the Terrifying, Alfred first performed some nonsensical card tricks, then he beckoned the show’s host Terry Crews to the stage and declared, “I’m going to control Terry’s mind.” He then made a few basic requests like “Please, raise your hand” and “Please, smile,” and when Crews politely complied, Alfred triumphantly exclaimed, “I controlled his mind!” The crowd erupted. All the characters were equally ridiculous, and his performance was excellent.

Josh2Funny’s performance on America’s Got Talent was a hit with both Nigerian and American audiences. He is a gifted comedian who is also a master of improvisation, and he is able to come up with hilarious jokes and pranks on the spot. If you want a good laugh, I highly recommend checking out Josh2Funny’s performance on America’s Got Talent.

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