Chinelo’s “Muse” Explores on the Theme of Love & Inspiration

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Chinelo has released her newest song, Muse, which explores love and the motivation to seek it out while also delving into the world of funky energy.

The catchy song’s rhythm is rather luring, and the lyrics convey a message about love that seems to be quite apparent. They also imply that one’s own sense of self-worth may depend on how one is feeling when listening to the skilled singer’s newest track.

It is clear from the lyrics and the second-person narrative manner in which Chinelo calls on her “muse” that she is an accomplished songwriter. The track’s ambiguity offers more than just one possible interpretation of the purported muse. 

You’re my muse baby”, Chinelo’s vocals are pitchy but soothing as the singer continues to sing in Muse, desiring for her muse to gravitate into the awesomeness it is supposed to be and be mirrored as a burning desire.

The fusion of funk is far more dominating than the other genres that the track infiltrates in this funky song with pop filters and a dance intensity. The music is cryptic and calmingly western.

Muse’s brief duration does not do the track’s elegance and simplicity justice. With the certainty of how much good time can be gathered from the track’s running time, it’s impeccable how the song packs such fine melodic chords and Chinelo’s vocal synchronization.

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