Bella Shmurda’s Releases New EP ‘DND’ – ‘Do Not Disturb’

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Bella Shmurda, the independent afrobeats superstar and Dangbana Republik president, has released his highly anticipated EP titled ‘DND’, in partnership with ONErpm. The EP comes less than a year after the massive success of his acclaimed debut album Hypertension, which garnered over 250 million global streams, making ‘DND’ one of the most eagerly awaited projects of the year.

Originally created as a gift for his teeming fans while he works on his next album, ‘DND’ quickly took on a life of its own, capturing Bella’s current ‘do not disturb’ state of mind. Fans eagerly anticipate this unique musical journey, confident that Bella Shmurda’s dedication to self-identity will result in an EP that resonates deeply with their hearts.

 “There’s a lot of good music out there, but I don’t want to be carried away by different trends and different new sounds. Everywhere is saturated, but in the midst of that, I want to remain tuned into my own vibrations. I’m just in that ‘do not disturb’ mood right now, where I want to get myself together, without too many external influences. Self-control is important for my approach to music, so trying to be in my own headspace is key” – Bella Shmurda

The EP opens with ‘In Charge,’ a braggadocious track where Bella asserts his authority and independence, emphasizing that he remains in charge of his craft and destiny. The song sets the tone for the EP, reflecting Bella Shmurda’s artistic growth and self-confidence.

 ‘Ara,‘ a prayerful and joyful dance track where Bella thanks God for supporting his ventures and blessing all that he does.

‘NSV’ (Non-Stop Vibes) continues the high-energy momentum, with Bella Shmurda teaming up with afrobeats queen Tiwa Savage and producer Krizbeatz. The collaboration enhances the track’s appeal, as both artists bring their unique flair, resulting in a pure vibe that lives up to its title.

‘Bankruptcy’ sees Bella Shmurda and Pheelz skills shine as they playfully sings about spending their money on a love interest. The catchy tune and witty lyrics make it an instant favorite among fans.

The title track ‘DND,‘ featuring Lil Kesh, showcases Bella Shmurda’s commitment to his “do not disturb” mode, staying true to his musical identity. The collaboration with Lil Kesh and producer Rewardbeatz further adds to the track’s inviting melodies and catchy beats.

The EP reaches its peak with ‘Jojo,’ a groovy dancehall-infused anthem, which was co-written by Olamide.  Bella’s breakthrough came in 2019 with the Olamide-assisted remix of “Vision 2020,” Fans will be excited to listen to Jojo.

In the ‘DND’ EP, Bella Shmurda fearlessly explores new dimensions of his afrobeats essence, while staying true to his authentic style. The EP offers a captivating escape for listeners, providing a space for enjoyment and fun, ultimately making ‘DND’ an outstanding and unique project.

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