9T9 goes in “Circles” on new Dance single, a prelude to his incoming project LOSE CTRL

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9T9 goes on an experimental tirade and lands expediently on a Dance/EDM turf.  Mixed with a strong thematic edge of being on an emotional rollercoaster with a love interest in a relationship that was although exciting, but also quite toxic in ways that had them both going in circles. 

The Saajo produced record is a mix of 90s funk groove, scintillating percussions, and an intense honesty and openness in 9T9’s song writing and performance, all represented in a dance/edm mould, tapping major inspiration from Drake’s 2016 More Life project. 

Circles is the lead single to 9T9’s third body of work titled ‘LOSE CTRL’

Lose Crtl, 9T9’s third studio body of work is a well-produced and composed 6 tracks extended play that showcases his progressive coming of age, with an obviousness in versatility and distinctiveness in delivery, tapping into wider influences that seems to have expanded his pockets sonically, thematically and in expressive. 

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